Winter Wonderland

Is it just me or are you ready for Spring? This New York Winter weather is so up and down it’s crazy! Don’t get me wrong I’m happy we get to experience all the different seasons. they all have their own uniqueness about them.  Spring with its rainy days, budding trees and flower bulbs peeking out of the soil; To Summer with all it’s lovely sentimental smells and sound’s of lawn mowers, buzzing bees and of BBQ’s… Oh the smell of BBQ!! Yum. Fall is one of my favorites  with the beautiful Fall foliage with golds, greens and deep burgundy leaves falling from the trees and the crisp air, Pumpkin Spice everything and awesome Festivities. Now, yes we are experiencing Winter at this moment and we just received a lovely gift from mother nature of about 2-3 ft of snow. but just like all the other seasons I do love some aspects of Winter. Stews, Snowmen, Hot Chocolate and last but certainly not least Christmas!! I wouldn’t change where I live for anything, I’m grateful I get to experience it all with my family and friends and I hope you all do too!  XOXO Jessica XOXO

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