Hockey Time!

Hey everyone. Hope your weekends were fabulous! My weekend was lots of fun. It started out as me doing my usual overnight’s at work on Thursday and Friday which are not fun at all. But, I got through them. I’ll blog about my job another day and let you in on the awesome life of a Police Dispatcher lol..

Then we all went to a Guns & Hoses Event involving Hudson Valley’s Bravest(Firefighters) taking on the Hudson Valley’s Finest(Police Officers) in a match that went to an overtime shoot out last year! Unfortunately, The Finest didn’t win but put up a fight. It was also for a great cause. So I was happy to be able to be apart of it. It was me and Benny’s first Hockey game and we had such a blast. We didn’t know it would be that cold inside but duh how else can you keep all that ice frozen, lol. Also, I knew that Hockey was a contact sport but they really do actually go at it. I thought it was awesome! I’m ready for a Rangers game definitely. Bring on the fights!!

Overall the day was a hit. There’s nothing like sharing an ice-cold Goose Island IPA with your Boyfriend eating Hot dogs w/some crispy overly greasy french fries and having your family by your side while watching a crazy competitive sport to have you feeling so incredibly happy for everything in your life. It’s the little things that get me and matter the most. Hope you guys had fun or even just relaxed. Hope y’all enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday.







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