Birthdays, BBQ, Beer and Mormons?

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been M.I.A for awhile. April is such a busy month for me. Between Work, Birthdays and Easter it’s a lot. But, I’m really excited to share all the fun we’ve been having.

So to fill you in I turned 30 in the beginning of April, which was bitter-sweet. I mostly am  really excited for what’s to come because it just so happens at this point in my life I’ve never been happier. Getting older is just another step towards the future, which I know holds so much happiness and blessings for my family and I.


Luckily, I have the best boyfriend in the world who took me for an overnight stay in The Big Apple! We had such a blast. We took the train down to Grand Central which I haven’t done in such a long time; we were able to see all the beautiful views of the Hudson River and all the small towns along the way. We then got into Grand Central Station which is always super crowded but I for one don’t care because all I can concentrate on is the history and its beautiful architecture. Especially, the amazing ceiling mural with the different constellations. I suggest you guys google it and see all the fun facts about the ceiling mural, You wont look at it the same.

After trekking through Grand Central and obviously stopping to take a quick picture. We headed out into the mean streets of NYC. We walked to Rockefeller Center and watched the ice skaters which were mesmerizing and a little in Kyle’s words “Theatrical”,  Agreed.


As we leisurely walked around for a bit we came across The Museum of sex. Which was funny and very informational. It’s pretty much a sex toy store once you walk in and as you walk thru to the back there is a maze like museum up stairs with pictures and props dating back to the olden days until present of how and what they used for ehhhhhemmm. Y’all know…. It was very cool to see, if your into that stuff. Which yes we are.


We then went to check in at a new hotel The Riu Plaza Hotel right in the heart of Time Square which was super convenient. Everyone was friendly, the room was clean and pretty. They also offered a free breakfast buffet which was yummy. It was also my first time ever staying the night in the city so I was really happy and grateful.


After checking in we were on to the next part of our day which was FOOoooOOOoD!

So we all know I’m a foodie and Kyle is too so you can’t expect us not to visit an awesome place and not get some amazingly good grub somewhere. We have been seeing video clips on Insider Food on Facebook about Mighty Quinns BBQ in NYC and you know we needed to check it out! All I can say is the pictures don’t do it justice enough. Y’all need to go. They’re known for their Brontosaurus Rib which is ridiculous. But, the Brisket had us at Hello. It was tender, flavorful and juicy with a Smoky and Sweet BBQ Sauce they had at the tables which was a perfect harmonious pairing! The sides were phenomenal too from there Burnt ends Baked Beans and Cajun mac& cheese to their cool, crispy, vinegary cole slaw.The rustic decor and overall relaxed down back country feel of the place made us feel relaxed and content.  Lastly, you know we had to grab some ice cold beers to wash it all down. Overall it was an awesome time and I can’t imagine anything better than eating delicious BBQ in NYC with my Sweetheart.



-We ate everything by the way-

The day was not over after BBQ even though all we wanted to do was go to sleep and cuddle after this meal.  My sweetheart got us tickets to the Broadway show ” Book of Mormon” and OMG! We laughed the food coma right off. This show was awesome with its vulgar, offensive and completely hilarious outlook on everything that hits a nerve with how sensitive society is today; it totally worked for us! The show was at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre which again was beautiful inside. The cast was incredibly talented and we were blown away by the amazing voices they all had surprisingly. We enjoyed it so much and had a blast.



-Aren’t we the cutest ❤

To sum it all up my birthday was a hit and I couldnt have asked to bring it in with anyone else or anywhere else. I’m so glad I can share it with you and hopefully you go visit and experience these places too. You won’t regret it!

Check out another awesome place we went to if you have a sweet tooth or just love the smell of chocolate. Jacques Torres Chocolate.










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