Hello  all. Thank you so much for visiting. I wanted to let you in on my life and tell you a few thing’s about myself. My name is Jessica Deschesne,  I’m 30 years old and I grew up in an upcoming, small and eclectic town in Hudson Valley, New York.

I became a mother on April 16th, 2011  to a baby boy that completely transformed my entire world named Benaiah. He’s the most energetic, smart and sweetest little boy and I’m so blessed.

I come from a very small family that is scattered all over the USA. My nationality is Colombian and French Canadian which contributes to my diverse taste of foods, culture and all around personality. I work full time as a Police Dispatcher which by far has been the most interesting and eye opening experience of my life. 

Creating this blog is an extension of my life to share with the world. I’m a very passionate person who has a million ideas and hobbies including: Painting, Cooking, Makeup Artistry, Arts and Crafts and Health. Creativity is my outlet and I want to inspire other’s with my ideas and passions that they can use and transform to use in their everyday lives with their family and friends.

Thank you again for visiting my page and I hope you come by more often and see what me and my family are getting into. XOXO Jessica XOXO